Treating Breast Cancer with Chemotherapy

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What can I expect if I have chemotherapy for breast cancer?

Treating Breast Cancer with Chemotherapy

Well known breast cancer treatment information involving chemotherapy is concerned with trying to find ways to alleviate the side effects that accompany this form of treatment. Often the side effects of chemotherapy include hair loss, malaise, nausea and vomiting, changes to the sense of smell and taste, and a complete halt to normal life. In truth, while hair loss, nausea and fatigue are common side effects, chemotherapy treatment affects different people in different ways. With the recent chemotherapy drugs, some people experience only mild side effects. Most people who are on chemotherapy for breast cancer can continue to work and carry on with the functions of daily life. If you are facing breast cancer chemotherapy, never hesitate to consult your doctor about side effects you are experiencing and the best ways to cope with them, and also consider joining a chemotherapy support group to help you stay positive and motivated throughout your treatment.



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