Experimental Treatment for Breast Cancer

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If I'm not comfortable with available treatment options, could experimental treatments work for me?

Experimental Treatment for Breast Cancer

Breast cancer research is ongoing, and breast cancer treatment information is being investigated daily. New treatments are always being tested, and someone diagnosed with breast cancer can benefit from these new treatments more than they realize. You can choose to take part in a clinical trial that is testing a new form of breast cancer treatment that is still in the experimental stage. This may be an attractive alternative breast cancer treatment if you are not satisfied with the treatment plan that has been recommended to you. Your doctor's office will be able to provide breast cancer treatment information on ongoing clinical trials that might fit your needs, and other information similar to this. The decision about whether or not to join a clinical trial merits thoughtful consideration. It is critical to learn as much as you can about the clinical trial you are considering, and to consult with a trusted physician about how what impact it might have on your health.



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