How Does Breast Cancer Develop?

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What exactly is breast cancer?

How Does Breast Cancer Develop?

What is breast cancer?

Since our first science class, we have been taught that the body is composed of cells. As older cells die, the body will make new cells to replace them. Breasts are no exception to this rule. Normal breast cells grow, divide, and function in a controlled manner according to the genetic commands from the DNA contained in each cell's nucleus. However, cancer develops when these cells fail to grow and reproduce in a controlled manner. Instead cell division and growth happens more rapidly resulting in a tumor or lump being formed. Depending on what stage the cancer is in, these tumor cells hardly their parent cells due to uncontrolled growth.

However, it should be noted that not all lumps located within the bests are cancerous. There are benign or non-cancerous lumps that breasts can develop, however it is important to consult your physician to determine if a lump is cancerous or not. For further reading visit: What is breast cancer?



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