Finding the Latest Information on Breast Cancer

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Where can I find the latest information on breast cancer?

Finding the Latest Information on Breast Cancer

With the increase in the incidence of breast cancer, new research is being published everyday. Some of the best places to keep updated about breast cancer information include articles on breast cancer and the websites of organizations such as thee the American Cancer Society, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and the National Breast Cancer Foundation. While surfing the Internet, be sure to visit websites of official organizations. Virtually anyone can start a website with breast cancer information, but this information might be outdated or not reliable.

Furthermore, official organizations give information for free, so never fall victim to a scam asking you to pay for the latest information on breast cancer. If you prefer more in depth research that what is contained on the Internet, a trip to your local public or university library can also help you find the information that you need.



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