The Odds of Dying from Breast Cancer

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Is breast cancer deadly?

The Odds of Dying from Breast Cancer

In 2005, it was estimated that breast cancer will kill more than 40,000 women and 460 men. But the statistics are not all so grim. A good portion of those 40,000 deaths will happen to women who were diagnosed many years ago, and screening and treatment have vastly improved since then. Certainly not every woman diagnosed with breast cancer will die from it. Quite the contrary, those who catch the disease at its earliest stages face an excellent survival rate - as high as 98 percent. These odds shift significantly for women who had their cancer diagnosed at a later stage, even though in more extreme cases, a woman stands a good chance of still being alive five years from the time of diagnosis.

If you have been diagnosed with cancer, do not reflect on think about the "worst-case scenario". Breast cancer is a highly treatable disease and new advancements are being made everyday. Be positive, expect the best from your treatments, and stay in close contact with your doctor. If, on the other hand, you are currently cancer free, keep up with regular screenings and other preventative measures.



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