Taking Action as a Breast Cancer Survivor

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How can breast cancer survivors help in the fight against this disease?

Taking Action as a Breast Cancer Survivor

Surviving a disease like breast cancer is a life changing experience. Many breast cancer survivors find fulfillment as volunteers for a variety of cancer-related causes, from fundraising, to increasing awareness about the disease. Survivors put a face on breast cancer and serve a crucial role in the strides being made to lower breast cancer incidence rates and mortality, around the world.

Whether you seek extensive involvement or just want a small role, there are opportunities available for you. Begin by contacting a volunteer organization, such as like the Susan G. Komen Foundation, or a local breast cancer support group in your community. Your doctor's office or hospital will also have details. Regardless of how the disease has changed your life, you can bring out the positive by reaching out to other breast cancer survivors like you.



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