Choosing the Best Web Sites On Breast Cancer

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What are the best Web sites to check for breast cancer information?

Choosing the Best Web Sites On Breast Cancer

There is a wealth of information located on the Internet, and information about breast cancer is no exception. Finding the most informative Web sites about breast cancer involves doing a thorough Internet search. You might be searching for ways to become involved in the fight against breast cancer, and a website like the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation,, would be a great place to start. When looking for breast cancer websites, keep in mind the quality of information on the Web site. Web sites of non-profit organizations might not have the most updated information on breast cancer. Instead searching for a Web sites of sponsoring research organizations like the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc.,, or the National Cancer Institute, will have more updated statistics. These websites also contain a "search" feature alowing you to find the exact information you are looking for, as well as links to other Web sites the organizations consider reputable.



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