Not All Online Breast Cancer Information is Reliable

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If breast cancer information is posted on a Web site, it's reliable, right?

Not All Online Breast Cancer Information is Reliable

The Web is a great place to find information on breast cancer, but sifting out reliable information from unreliable information takes time and patience. Posted information is only as reliable as the entity posting it, should be your main rule when conducting research on the Internet. Assume that for every reputable breast cancer website, there are probably dozens that are not reliable. Finding breast cancer Web sites may be easy but differentiating between fact and opinion may not be as discerning. On this particular note, beware of personal breast cancer Web sites, which offer a "magic cure". While such sites might have some value when looking at different treatment methods, these sites often relate vastly skewed information about breast cancer itself, related by people who do not understand the condition you are facing. The best advice is to think carefully about the information being presented.



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