The Origins of Breast Cancer

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Where in the breast does cancer begin?

The Origins of Breast Cancer

A breast is quite simply a gland that produces milk. Inside every woman's breasts the milk-producing sacs are called lobules, and there are ducts that lead from the lobules to the nipple. The remainder of the breast is mainly fat, with blood and lymph vessels running through it. The ducts are the starting point for most malignant tumors. In addition to ductal breast cancer, tumors can form in the lobules, as well in the other tissues of the breast. It is a good idea for women to know their breasts, inside and out. Get online and look at diagrams of the structure of your breast as displayed on the American Cancer Society's Web site. In this way, should a related discussion ever come up with your doctor, you will know what is meant by the terms, "Ducts" and "Lobules".



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