Breast Cancer Prevention and Concerns About Children

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Can I keep breast cancer from affecting my children?

Breast Cancer Prevention and Concerns About Children

One of the most terrifying aspects of breast cancer is the effect it might have on children. Fears of leaving young children motherless can be agonizing. If you have older children, you may begin to fear that they, too, will get cancer. However, if you have not started a family yet, but feel you are at a high risk for breast cancer, you may wonder if it is wise to have children at all?

If you fall into the latter category, cast your fears aside. Having multiple children early in life can decrease your risk of breast cancer. If you already have children and breast cancer, sit down and talk to your kids about your diagnosis, whatever their age. Even very young children feel better when problems are explained to them at a level they understand. Adult children can be a tremendous support system if you have been diagnosed with cancer, and if they are aware of your diagnosis, their risk will be higher, and they will be more likely to take the steps that can help prevent or be tested for breast cancer.



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