Mastectomy as a Breast Cancer Prevention Technique

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Would getting a mastectomy prevent me from getting breast cancer?

Mastectomy as a Breast Cancer Prevention Technique

To some women, it sounds like a sure-fire course of action: "I will have my breasts removed, and then at least I know I will never get breast cancer." Even if you have a mastectomy, though, there is a possibility that cancer can still arise in small amounts of breast tissue that might be left behind. Meanwhile, the psychological repercussions of such a surgery would be considerable. It is also important to keep in mind that your insurance company may not be willing to pay for a mastectomy in a woman who has not been diagnosed with breast cancer. Before resorting to drastic measures such as this, learn about preventing breast cancer and do all you can to protect yourself. If breast cancer has not yet made an appearance, you have plenty of time to decide what to do about breasts that are perfectly healthy, and may remain so for the rest of your life.



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