It Is Possible For Men To Get Breast Cancer

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Is it really possible for a man to get breast cancer?

It Is Possible For Men To Get Breast Cancer

Men, like women, have a certain amount of breast tissue. Obviously, they have nipples, unused structures left over from initial development in the womb. Essentially, all children are born with the basic breast structure. As puberty arrives, female hormones stimulate growth and changes in the breasts to eventually feed babies.

Male hormones focus on development elsewhere in the body, like the testicles. As a result, the breast tissue of men is nothing but a nipple, a few ducts, and perhaps a lobule or two with some surrounding fatty tissue. However in some men, these structures are enough for cancer to start. If you are a man, you should not ignore this fact. Getting information about breast cancer in men is something that every man should ask their doctor about.



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