Purchases That Go Toward the Breast Cancer Cause

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Besides donating directly to a breast cancer organization, how can I help?

Purchases That Go Toward the Breast Cancer Cause

You can donate to the breast cancer cause by purchasing items in which part of the proceeds, go to breast cancer research and education. Looking for good tips on breast cancer gifts? One option is to ask for breast cancer stamps at your post office. For a few cents more per stamp, you're helping the cause.

You can also purchase breast cancer awareness paraphernalia from a variety of Web sites, including the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Clothing, jewelry and handbags are just some of the available items, and a portion of every purchase goes towards breast cancer research. Therefore, at the same time you will be spreading breast cancer awareness yourself. And if you would like to help but are not able to spend money, consider volunteering for a breast cancer organization instead.



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