The Credibility Of A Breast Cancer Organization

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How can I make sure the breast cancer organization I'm donating to is reputable?

The Credibility Of A Breast Cancer Organization

Many organizations raise money for breast cancer, from a community to an international level. If you are considering making a breast cancer donor gift, it will be worth your while to check on your chosen organization's credibility. A simple call to the Better Business Bureau in your city will give you preliminary information on whether an organization is legitimate. Beyond this put in a call to the organization's headquarters and speak to someone about where your donated money is used.

A reputable organization will answer any questions you have before you make a donation. If you get a phone call soliciting donations for breast cancer, do not pledge money right over the phone. Instead, take down the name of the organization and its phone number, and research its background. Not only will this help you avoid a possible phone scam, you may find that there is a different breast cancer organization you would rather donate to.



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