Breast Reconstruction Reduces The Emotional Loss of Mastectomy

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What is breast cancer reconstruction?

Breast Reconstruction Reduces The Emotional Loss of Mastectomy

A mastectomy is no small matter. The surgical removal of a breast is not only frightening, but it can bring about feelings of anger, frustration, dismay, and loss for the woman who undergoes this procedure. Women may no longer find themselves attractive once the procedure is done. Clothes might not fit the same as before, and the shock of waking up "breast-less" after surgery can be even more heartbreaking than the breast cancer diagnosis itself.

Fortunately, women who undergo mastectomy for breast cancer can have breast reconstruction surgery. The procedure involves inserting either an artificial breast implant, or an implant of tissue and muscle harvested from another area of your body. If you have had or are facing a mastectomy, get advice on breast cancer reconstruction and keep it in mind as a solution if you are concerned over the loss of a breast.



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