What To Expect From Your Reconstruction Surgery

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Will my breasts look like they did before if I had a mastectomy?

What To Expect From Your Reconstruction Surgery

Rare is the reconstructed breast that looks, feels and behaves exactly like the original. When naked, be prepared to notice a difference in the way your breasts look. They may not be exactly the same size or shape, for example. And a reconstructed breast rarely has the same sensation to touch as the original. If your goal for reconstruction is to be able to wear bras and clothing without too noticeable a difference in your breasts, then you have realistic expectations for the surgery.

Before jumping into reconstruction surgery, it is in your best interest to have realistic expectations. To benefit the most from breast reconstruction, have a frank discussion with your doctor about what is involved and what you can expect, and make your decision to have the surgery accordingly. Make sure that you have all of the facts and that you have a pretty solid idea of what the outcome will be.



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