Breast Cancer Recurrence After Reconstruction

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Will having breast reconstruction surgery increase my chances of recurrent breast cancer?

Breast Cancer Recurrence After Reconstruction

If you are worried that breast reconstruction will bring back cancer, you can rest at ease. Researchers have found nothing to indicate that breast reconstruction increases the risk of future breast cancer, or even that it will prevent the detection of future cancer that arises in your breast. Though a breast implant may change the dynamics of breast self-exams and mammograms in the future, both can still be done successfully.

While breast cancer reconstruction has many implications and things to consider, these particular risks need not be among them.



7/4/2011 7:30:36 PM
Jane R. Ivey said:

I hv a red ugly place beneath my right arm pit. Had recnstruction 25 yrs. ago. The flap process. A biopsy showd possible breast cancer recurrence


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