Risks Of Reconstruction Could Outweigh Benefits

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Are there disadvantages of breast reconstruction?

Risks Of Reconstruction Could Outweigh Benefits

The possibility of having breasts again after a mastectomy is certainly appealing, but it is not the right choice for every women. For one thing, breast reconstruction could interfere with certain treatments for breast cancer, such as radiation therapy. There are also risks associated with any surgery.

Some women, following a mastectomy, do not wish to have further surgeries because of the risks and recovery time involved, and, breast reconstruction may not have the outcome you are hoping for.

If you are considering breast cancer reconstruction, carefully discuss the procedure, the risks, and reasonable expectations for the outcome with your doctor, and also with the people closest to you. Think about the pros and cons of the surgery before making a rash decision. In the end it comes down to what is best for you, emotionally and physically.



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