Free Cancer Support at The Wellness Community

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What is The Wellness Community?

Free Cancer Support at The Wellness Community

For many women, a breast cancer diagnosis is more than just a health crisis. It's also a financial crisis. Many breast cancer patients find they can't work as many hours as they were working before cancer due to medical appointments, side effects of treatment and fatigue. Some may not be able to work at all. The Wellness Community is a national nonprofit organization that offers hope for all people affected by cancer, regardless of income. There are 21 wellness communities across the United States. They provide a wide range of support for cancer patients, survivors and their families – free of cost! The Wellness Community offers free counseling and support groups lead by licensed psychotherapists for cancer patients. Counseling and support groups are also offered for family members of the patient. In addition, The Wellness Community holds classes on important topics like exercise, nutrition, stress and alternative methods of healing. In a home-like setting, each patient is supported in focusing on quality of life, reducing stress and regaining control of life.



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