Breast Cancer: A Look in the Mirror

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Will I look the same after breast cancer treatment is over?

Breast Cancer: A Look in the Mirror

One thing that really bothered me when I was in the middle of breast cancer treatment were articles suggesting how I could make myself feel better by wearing bright lipstick or drawing eyebrows on with an eye pencil. Don’t get me wrong. Pre-treatment, I never left the house without make-up and hair in place. But I always wondered where the people who wrote those articles for the breast cancer audience were getting their information. The last thing I was concerned about during chemotherapy, when I was vomiting five to six times a day, was whether or not my lipstick was bright enough. For a woman who authored a guide to become a fashion model, I wasn’t looking very fashionable during that time, nor did I care. What I cared about was being a breast cancer survivor, and in the end that’s what’s important. Your hair will grow back, and there will be time to pick the best lip color for the new season. There are also programs that are sensitive to the needs of women in cancer treatment when you are ready, like Look Good . . . Feel Better ® (http://www.lookgoodfeelbetter.ort/). Until then, don’t worry about trying to maintain the same look you had before your breast cancer diagnosis. I’m predicting that you won’t emerge the same person. You will learn from breast cancer that there is something incredibly beautiful about the human spirit, and even more beautiful about the survivor whose triumph allows her to continue her unique contributions that make this world a better place.



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