Breast Cancer Risk Factors Due To Lifestyle

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Can I improve my chances of avoiding breast cancer?

Breast Cancer Risk Factors Due To Lifestyle

There are many lifestyle choices you can make to decrease your risk of developing breast cancer. These risk factors include diet, exercise, alcohol consumption, waiting until later to have children, and breastfeeding.

Like so many other illnesses, a diet low in fat coupled with exercise can help reduce your risk for developing breast cancer. Women who drank only one glass of alcohol a day also had a lower risk.

Younger women who had children before age 30 years of age were found to lessen their risk of getting breast cancer. However, some studies have also shown that women who breastfeed, also had a lower risk of developing breast cancer later in life.

Therefore by exercising, eating right, starting a family, and abstaining from excessive use of alcohol, you can improve your odds against being diagnosed with breast cancer.



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