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Is there any way to involve my workplace in making breast cancer donations?

Look Into Employer Support For Breast Cancer Donations

Perhaps you have always intended to donate to breast cancer, but by the end of the year there just is not enough money left over to make it happen. Your employer, in this case, may be able to help. Some employers offer programs through which you can have a small amount of each paycheck withheld for a donation to a charitable organization of your choice.

One advantage of this method is that your donation amount is already accommodated in your budget, so you do not have to worry about getting the money later in the year for the amount you would like to donate. There are tax advantages as well, and some employers even have a matching gift program, whereby they match dollar for dollar the amount that you donate to a breast cancer organization. It would be a good idea to talk to your company's human resources department about the availability of such a program.

What will my donation be used for?

Finding A Breast Cancer Charity

Different organizations sponsor different aspects of breast cancer research and education. Before making a donation, you should first do a little research on what the organization is involved in, and if it has a good reputation.

Along the same lines, do not be bashful to ask just how your donation will be spent on breast cancer, and how much of it. One of the best tips on breast cancer donor gifts is to find out exactly how your donation will be used.

The Better Business Bureau requires charitable organizations to spend at least fifty percent of raised funds on their stated cause. Many spend much more than this amount. So ask around to find an organization where more of your donated dollars are going to the breast cancer research of your choice.

How can I donate to the breast cancer cause?

Helping Breast Cancer Research Through Donation

Research on breast cancer is ongoing, as as well as efforts to spread awareness and improve a woman's chance of getting the screening and treatment she needs. Both endeavors cost money, in which a lot comes from those who make breast cancer donations.

If you are looking for ways to help, know that the most direct way is donate directly to worthy breast cancer organizations involved in cancer research like the National Breast Cancer Foundation or the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

You can make donations directly at most organizations' Web sites, or often through a toll-free number with a credit card, or by sending a check through the mail. Donations to a charitable organization are typically eligible for tax deductions, so remember to ask for some form of receipt or confirmation of your donation.

Besides donating directly to a breast cancer organization, how can I help?

Purchases That Go Toward the Breast Cancer Cause

You can donate to the breast cancer cause by purchasing items in which part of the proceeds, go to breast cancer research and education. Looking for good tips on breast cancer gifts? One option is to ask for breast cancer stamps at your post office. For a few cents more per stamp, you're helping the cause.

You can also purchase breast cancer awareness paraphernalia from a variety of Web sites, including the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Clothing, jewelry and handbags are just some of the available items, and a portion of every purchase goes towards breast cancer research. Therefore, at the same time you will be spreading breast cancer awareness yourself. And if you would like to help but are not able to spend money, consider volunteering for a breast cancer organization instead.

How can I make sure the breast cancer organization I'm donating to is reputable?

The Credibility Of A Breast Cancer Organization

Many organizations raise money for breast cancer, from a community to an international level. If you are considering making a breast cancer donor gift, it will be worth your while to check on your chosen organization's credibility. A simple call to the Better Business Bureau in your city will give you preliminary information on whether an organization is legitimate. Beyond this put in a call to the organization's headquarters and speak to someone about where your donated money is used.

A reputable organization will answer any questions you have before you make a donation. If you get a phone call soliciting donations for breast cancer, do not pledge money right over the phone. Instead, take down the name of the organization and its phone number, and research its background. Not only will this help you avoid a possible phone scam, you may find that there is a different breast cancer organization you would rather donate to.

Can I make a non-cash donation to a breast cancer organization?

Make A Gift of Stock To The Breast Cancer Cause

In lieu of cash, you can make a breast cancer gift of publicly traded stock that you own. The charitable income tax deduction you receive will equal the fair market value of the stock, and you will avoid capital gains taxes on the transferred stock as well.

You can receive more information on this kind of donation by visiting the Web site of the Breast Cancer Fund,, or talk to your tax advisor or stockbroker for additional advice.

How can I get involved with breast cancer fundraising events?

Locating Breast Cancer Events Near You

Help the cause by helping to raise money for research. You have doubtlessly heard of the "Race for the Cure", the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation's 20-year-long series of 5k fitness walks/runs designed to raise both money and awareness for the breast cancer cause worldwide. There are also events like the pink-ribbon campaign and countless others in which anyone can participate.

Simply watching the news, listening to the radio, and reading the newspaper will inform you about breast cancer fundraising events that maybe taking place in your community. Logging on to Web sites of major breast cancer foundations and organizations can be another way to locate fundraising events, where you can make a breast cancer gift, or otherwise take part in the breast cancer cure effort.

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