Breast Cancer Web Sites Are No Substitute for Doctors

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Should I use information I read online to make decisions about my own breast cancer screening or treatment?

Breast Cancer Web Sites Are No Substitute for Doctors

It is possible to learn a great deal from breast cancer Web sites, and the information can give you a better understanding of the terms and subject matter you might hear in the news or from your doctor. However, online breast cancer information is never meant to take the place of a doctor's advice. It is wise to collect information from a variety of resources when making a decision about screening or treatment for breast cancer, but your doctor can provide the best information because he or she has examined you. There are a number of factors that differ among women, and these factors can affect screening and treatment recommendations. Ultimately, if you are not comfortable with your doctor's diagnosis or recommendations, it is suggested that you obtain a second opinion, but the Internet should not replace the knowledge of and interaction with a medical professional.



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