Certain Medications May Reduce the Risk of Breast Cancer

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Are there medications I can take to prevent breast cancer?

Certain Medications May Reduce the Risk of Breast Cancer

It is important to learn about preventing breast cancer. There are certain drugs you can explore in an effort to prevent breast cancer from happening to you. Probably the most familiar possibility is Tamoxifen, commonly prescribed after breast cancer treatment and believed to reduce the risk of getting breast cancer in the first place. But you should know that medications do not come with a complete guarantee. Tamoxifen is controversial when used as a prevention strategy, because it can cause side effects like blood clots and increased risk of other types of cancers. If you are considering preventive drug therapy, it is wise to get genetically tested to help determine what your breast cancer risk actually is. Only after extensive discussion with your doctor, can you accurately weigh the risks and potential benefits to make the decision that is right for you.



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