Treatment Options For Breast Cancer In Men

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What are a man's breast cancer treatment options?

Treatment Options For Breast Cancer In Men

As with most aspects of breast cancer, treatment options are pretty much the same for men as for women. Breast cancer in men is usually treated with some combination of surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, and drugs like Tamoxifen, with different cancer stages requiring different extents of treatment. Perhaps the significant difference in treatment for male breast cancer, as opposed to female breast cancer, is that women may have considerably more support for their illness.

Most women will know, or can easily locate, other women who have had breast cancer. The same is not always true for men. Furthermore, men may feel more likely to remain close-lipped about the disease, fearing that their diagnosis somehow makes them less of a man. If you are a man living with a diagnosis of breast cancer, seek out other men in your position. The moral support will be an invaluable part of your recovery. And, the opportunity to exchange information about breast cancer in men is invaluable.



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