Where To Find Moral Support For Breast Cancer In Men

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Where can a man with breast cancer find support from other men who've been afflicted with this disease?

Where To Find Moral Support For Breast Cancer In Men

Since breast cancer is quite rare for men, getting in touch with another man who has it is not easy. Some men who are unable to find a male support group opt to join a female breast cancer support group. However, for other men this is not an option.

Similarly, some men may find it easy to talk to male friends about breast cancer, while others would be mortified to do so or simply feel that their male friends would not understand.

Since support is so important, if you are a man with breast cancer, explore your options. Try joining a non-specific cancer support group that has both men and women with different types of cancer, or search online for support groups and chat rooms where you can get in touch with others who share your condition. One possibility is www.cancersociety.com. Whatever method you choose, it is important to find somewhere you can feel comfortable. No one should have to go through breast cancer alone.



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