When To Have Breast Reconstruction Completed

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Can I have breast reconstruction surgery at the same time as I have the mastectomy?

When To Have Breast Reconstruction Completed

For many women, breast reconstruction can be done in the same operation following the mastectomy procedure. The advantages of this method are obvious. Want some mind-settling advice on breast cancer reconstruction: you will avoid having another surgery, you only have to recover from one painful procedure instead of two, and you will not have to wake up after surgery with a void in your chest where your breast used to be.

Some women who have had breast reconstruction after a mastectomy choose to separate the two procedures. They may prefer to focus entirely on beating cancer before worrying about their appearance, or they may also feel they need time to decide if reconstruction is right for them. If you are considering breast reconstruction, remember that you have time to make decisions and think it over. It is not a decision to rush into. You can always come back for the procedure once your mastectomy has healed. So take the time you need to make the choice that is best for you.



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