A Plastic Surgeon May Perform Your Reconstruction

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Who will be performing my reconstruction surgery?

A Plastic Surgeon May Perform Your Reconstruction

Typically, breast reconstruction therapy falls under the reign of a plastic surgeon's expertise. If you are having the surgery after you have recovered from a previous mastectomy, you will need to research plastic surgeons and find one with whom you are comfortable. It is also recommended that you find a surgeon who has experience with breast surgery on post-mastectomy women. Get all the advice on breast cancer reconstruction that you can find.

Your needs may be different than those of a woman who has never had a mastectomy. It is also important to find a doctor who will paint a realistic picture of what your breasts will be like after the surgery. Breast cancer reconstruction does not always result in "centerfold-style" breasts, and a good doctor probably would not make such a promise. If you are having reconstruction done at the same time as your mastectomy, your considerations may be slightly different. Talk to your primary care physician about what might be the best options for you, and to recommend surgeons that might fit your needs.



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