Young Survival Coalition for Young Women with Breast Cancer

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What is the Young Survival Coalition?

Young Survival Coalition for Young Women with Breast Cancer

In a study of 45,000 breast cancer patients, it was discovered that the odds of dying from breast cancer rose by 5 percent for every year that a woman was under age 45 when diagnosed.
Since young women with breast cancer are less commonly screened than older women, physicians may pay less attention to lumps in a younger woman's breasts. In addition to higher breast cancer mortality rates, young women with breast cancer also have special issues related to balancing work, marriage and motherhood. These issues may include getting time off for treatment while building a career; problems with self-esteem and sexuality; and worries about fertility and early menopause.
The Young Survival Coalition gives young women faced with breast cancer the benefit of a supportive environment of peers. In 1998, this organization was founded by three breast cancer survivors (all under the age of 35 when diagnosed). The Young Survival Coalition is committed to “advocating to increase the number of studies about young women and breast cancer; educating young women about the importance of breast self-examination and early detection; and being a point of contact for other young women with breast cancer.” Young Survival Coalition is a resource for young women seeking answers and a path to wellness while providing a place to meet others who have gone through similar experiences



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