Introduce Cancer Fighting Foods Into Your Diet

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Should I change my diet to reduce my risk factors for breast cancer?

Introduce Cancer Fighting Foods Into Your Diet

For those who have multiple high risk factors for breast cancer, a dietary change is one way you can lower your risk. Does that mean never eating a jelly donut again? No, not at all! The most damage is done when you develop chronically bad nutritional habits, like starting every day off with a couple jelly donuts. The keys to lowering your breast cancer risk through nutrition are developing good habits and enjoying bad habits in moderation. Thanksgiving weekend should be enjoyed, and so should birthday cake (make mine chocolate) and occasional treats. And it’s never too late to start eating right. Start with a few tiny changes. Carry a piece of fruit in your purse to avoid unplanned trips through the fast food line because you are famished. Keep some baby carrots in the fridge to munch on in between meals. Or maybe it would be easier for you to quit one bad habit, like French Fries, and replace them with a leafy salad. I can hear your pain – before my cancer diagnosis, I believed French Fries were a perfectly acceptable side dish to every meal. The human body can tolerate a lot of abuse. Just consider what happens when a smoker kicks the habit. That person’s risk of heart disease starts diminishing almost immediately! The U.S. government’s National Cancer Institute estimates that “35 percent of cancer deaths are related to poor eating habits.” Remember, what you are serving for dinner not only nourishes your body and soul, but also the bodies and souls of the family and friends who gather around your table. Give yourself and the people important to you an extra helping of nourishment by introducing nutritious cancer-fighting foods into your diet.



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